“Beautiful place with an attentive staff. The view from the room and from the dining room was beautiful!! My favorite lodge we stayed in Uganda. The food was AMAZING. You are walking distance to the meeting place for gorilla trekking.”


Bwindi Area Attractions

Using the Engagi Lodge as your base will allow you to conveniently take advantage of the many and varied attractions in the Bwindi area. Whether it is gorilla trekking, birding, game drives, hiking, or just sightseeing, there is no shortage of activities in the Bwindi area. Below are highlights of some of the activities you may wish to include in your itinerary.

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Known worldwide, the forest is one of the richest ecosystems in Africa and the diversity of species is a feature of the park. The park provides habitat for some 120 species of mammals, 346 species of birds, 202 species of butterflies, 163 species of trees, 100 species of ferns, 27 species of frogs, chameleons, geckos and many endangered species.

The park is an ancient sanctuary for colobus monkeys, chimpanzees and many birds (such as hornbills and Turacco). It is perhaps most known for the 340 Bwindi gorillas, half the world’s population of critically endangered Mountain Gorillas. The Engagi Lodge Bwindi is perfectly situated to be used as a base for your visit to this remarkable national treasure sanctuary.

Ishasha Tree Climbing Lions

Within an easy commute from the Engagi Lodge Bwindi, a visit to see the Tree Climbing Lion of Ishasha is a must. An unusual habit of these beautiful full grown lions is to lounge about in the tree tops in the area. A sight you must see to believe.

Bird Watching

The Bwindi area and specifically the National Park is a bird watchers delight! There have been more than 340 species of birds documented as making Bwindi their home. Enthusiastic bird watchers can count on seeing dozens of different species on a good day’s trek.

Batwa Pygmies

Indigenous to the Bwindi region the ancient Batwa pygmies are proud of their heritage and uniqueness and see themselves as possessing skills and powers that those who have recently arrived do not have. They also pride themselves in their abilities as dancers and story tellers of legends and myths, all of which revolve around life in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. A visit with these people is a treat when you visit the area.